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Welcome! AG Recycling Services - for collection and disposal of your waste edible oils

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Waste control services by AG Recycling. We are collectors of waste edible oils & fats and are based in the West Midlands.

We will pay for the collection of large quantities of waste oils and fats with collections made at a time to suit you.


All containers are supplied, collected and clean replacements are issued.

In the UK more than 10,000 tonnes of Used Cooking Oil / Waste Oil is produced every week. Until recently, 90% was used in animal feed, but EU legislation now prevents this as a means of waste oil disposal. This now means the way businesses dispense with waste cooking oil will be more closely monitored - illegal fly-tipping is potentially hazardous, and it is in all our interests to ensure the industry is law abiding.
It is the responsibility of the producers of used cooking oil (caterers) to ensure they follow the Duty Of Care standards set by the EU

A waste transfer note is provided with each collection to certify that your used cooking oil is being disposed of legally.


If you already collect waste oils - you can sell it to us

Contact us or call Richard direct for more information or to arrange a collection.

This week we are paying
£ 225 per ton

Check regularly for latest prices.


Oil collection:

60 litre cooking oil container
£ 9.00
60 litre container
120 litre oil container
£ 20.00
120 litre container


Check back often for price changes.


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